Purple Piste

The Brief Purple Piste’s website was getting a bit old looking and couldn’t be viewed well on mobile devices. Additonally they were having trouble in getting their web designers to listen to their needs, to commit to making a new site and to keep their site up to date. The Solution We re-made the website… Read more »


The Brief Another long term customer, Gum Wand needed to update their website to be fully responsive and, more importantly to host translations into other languages. The Solution A beautiful new website translated into 6 other languages which really shows off their revolutionary gum cleaning equipment to the full. The Website http://www.gumwand.com


The Brief Mirotel is a new business providing modern telephone systems to the care home and pharmacy sectors. Their offering is specifically tailored to those sectors and usually saves a business a lot of money. The Solution A new WordPress website which emphasises their knowledge of the market and the business sectors in which they… Read more »

AB Pipelines

The Brief AB Pipelines, based near Frimley in Surrey, had had their website for years. All the information on it was good but unfortunately it was written in Flash. This meant that it was impossible to view on a mobile phone or tablet device. Additionally when a site is written in Flash unless it is… Read more »

Mustrade Shutters

The Brief A long term customer Mustrade Blinds came to us with the plan to add Plantation Blinds to their product portfolio but they felt that the new addition would warrant a website of it’s own. The Solution Mustrade Shutters is a website very much aimed at explaining and displaying to a potential customer all… Read more »

Coombe Repair Group

The Brief Coombe Repair Group is a joining of two existing, successful fleet management and accident repair centres in Hampshire/Sussex and Surrey. It was important that we retained the spirit of both companies when creating a website which merges their talents and creates a stronger group for customers to take advantage of. The Solution A… Read more »